Saturday, July 7, 2012


Aaaah, my own blog site.  This just might be the hardest thing about setting up a blog.  I never find it easy to talk about myself and my accomplishments.  But here goes...  just a bit about me.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and friend.  This fall my husband, Jim and I will celebrate our 49th  wedding anniversary.  He is a workaholic and a jack of all trades.  We live in the country 7 miles from a small hamlet [that has less and less amenities], an hour from a larger town and two hours from a city.  Our home is located in Northern Alberta, Canada.  Our neighbours are mostly farmers or work in the oil patch.  We have 3 children.  Our oldest son lives in Edmonton, Alberta.  Our only daughter lives in southern Alberta and our youngest son lives in our yard. We are separated by trees and a quaint little path between our houses.  I have been blessed with 9 grandchildren and I great grandson [so far]. 
My interests are many.  I love to garden, have a greenhouse, love to quilt, scrapbook and make greeting cards.  Too many hobbies, actually, as I never have time to do all I want to do.  I also love to read.  I enjoy ‘real life’ stories [ ie: autobiographies or biographies.]  But I also read fiction and I really surprised myself by reading and thoroughly enjoying the Dragon trilogy.   Now I am wondering about the Hunger Games Trilogy and someone mentioned the Fifty Shades of Grey books too.  I will have to check them out.  I have a Kindle e-reader but I still read paperbacks too.  I am from a family of 5.  I was right in the middle.  My only brother and oldest in the family has passed away and also my oldest sister.  I have one sister who lives an hour from me and one sister who lives in Edmonton, Alberta.  I don't get to see her as often as I would like to.  We lost our mom a year ago, but our dad has been gone for over 40 years.  Life goes on. 
Today it is hot out, as most of Alberta is.  We are lucky enough to have a breeze so it is bearable.  My house is cool enough but if we get many days in a row of 30+ degrees, my house will feel pretty hot.  Then I will retire to the basement. 
 It has been a rather quiet day for me.  We went to a garage sale this morning.  Our family from the yard are vacationing at the lake so it it realy quiet.  I miss them.  We are going to have chef salads for our supper made from fresh garden lettuce and garden spinach.  Cheerio for this time, Darlene


  1. well done Darlene- You are off to a good start- Why don't you put a link on the quilt forum to invite others to comment.
    If you would like to add photos to your piece their are links at the top of the page where you compose your post. Since you garden, take photos of your garden to add to your post- or add a favorite recipe- your chef salads with fresh greens sound very yummy.. You have some lovely photos of quilts that you have made on the forum - add a photo or two of them and add them to your text ...
    I have heard 50 shades of grey referred to as mommy porn- a good friend said to me oh Anna, it is smutty - good /bad, I don't know but... It is a very hot book trilogy right now.. The hunger games series was very well liked by my 30 year old niece- all books are worth checking out- some have appeal to one and others don't-
    I will add a link to my next post to your blog..
    Let me know if you get stuck..
    Warmest regards,

  2. hi i found you through QWU on Anna`s comments what a wonderful blog hope can keep it going would love to continue seeing your gorgeous flowers and your wonderful quilts

    1. Thanks. I finally got around to doing a new blog posting this evening. hope you enjoy my garden pictures.