Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

It is September 6th and here in Northern Alberta, we are still enjoying summer.  We have not had a killing frost so the leaves are still on the trees.  I have been covering the garden tomatoes, vegetable spagetti and zucchini every night with a tarp to give them some protection from a frost.  It has gotten down to +1 C. but no damage yet.  Some years by this time, it is very fall like already.   So we are feeling very blessed.

The sunflowers in the garden were very showy.

I enjoyed taking pictures of my neighbour's sunflowers.  she had the most gorgeous and unusual colored one. They grew very tall, while mine were a shorter variety.

Here's another one

The garden has produced abundantly.  In a few days I will dig the potatoes and carrots for winter storage.  Tomatoes in the greenhouse were prolific and they have done very well in the garden too.

Once the tomatoes started to ripen I could pick a big bowl every few days.  I have canned over 60 pints.  For those of you who do canning, isn't it a good feeling to hear the "popping" of the lids as the jars seal?
My quilting has taken a back seat, but I will get back to it one of these days and then share some pictures with you. 

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