Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Fall

It is the first day of fall in my neck of the woods, but we are enjoying summer temperatures.

Soon the winds will be blowing these leaves away, but for now they are a feast to my eyes.  I don't often get reddish colors in my yard, so I think they are especially beautful.

I managed to get to the sewing room today and worked on some blocks.  They are the Solid Stars and Strings block pattern from a blog I have discovered: Making Scrap Quilts From Stash.  The pattern is available here:,  Isn't it great that so many talented people are willing to share their patterns.  I think it is so generous of them and I sure do appreciate it. 

These 4 blocks were completed some time ago and today I worked on 2 more. 

These are the 2 blocks I did today.  Just have to finish sewing the 2 halves together. So a total of 6 blocks.  If I can keep at it, I will soon have a nice sized quilt.  I must say they are fun to work on.  Using up some stash material is also fun.  Why do I never see a big difference in the stash pile??

I am fairly new to blogging and reading blogs.  I keep finding some interesting new ones  everytime I preuse the net.  Lots of great stuff out there.

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